Madia in legno d'olmo

Vi presento come,con il restauro, si può recuperare un vecchio mobile da cucina:
MADIA in legno d'olmo. Il restauro ha comportato:
1a fase: la sverniciatura (smalto bianco)
2a fase: smontaggio e ripristino di tutte le parti metalliche
3a fase: lavori di falegnameria
4a fase: trattamento antitarlo
5a fase: lucidatura a gommalacca
6a fase: rifinitura a cera

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Grazie per i commenti.

A couple of comemnts to help with the feedback:1. The old tourist information building to me represents prime commercial development space for offices. I've already been in contact with the HC a few times over the past couple of years, trying to find out the possibility of taking these on. The building has parking spaces, a frontage on the A96 which will help for recognition purposes, and from the outside appears to have a good interior size for this. However, the caution is that it remains uncertain what actual condition the exterior and interior are in, and obviously this will need to be taken into account. Either way, I think the only sane designated development use has to be commercial (offices) and I can't see any other option making sense, especially if this character building can be refurbished, providing a pleasant presention very much as in character with the town.2. The old community centre has been suggested by the HC as having serious structural issues. Considering the current design of the building may not allow for suitable change of use, it may well be a good idea to zone this for demolition and a new building on the site. I think the fact that is it behind the High Street very much puts it into the town's Central Business District and therefore any new development would benefit from allow for shops on a ground floor, with offices for any first and second floors. An additional thought is that because the building should be very close to the Nairn exchange, then there may well be a business argument to set up a leased line directly to the exchange, therefore ensuring the building can provide especially fast broadband services. In which case, rather than it simply being an office building with shops, it could be thought of as a technology building with retail on the ground floor. There have previously been plans mooted for a datacentre to be built in Inverness, and with the continuing development of green energy in the Highlands the ability to set up small to medium business with good internet connectivity might offer a competitive advantage for populating the building as opposed to generic offices.Another point of note is the warning that even if the two sites mentioned above are zoned for commercial use, it's worth remembering the potential lessons from the harbour redevelopment it was before I arrived here, but I'm given the impression it was supposed to offer commercial space, but that it was soon turned over to residential use. Unless I've misunderstood that issue, then it would be worth bearing that in mind for the town centre sites.Additionally, reference to the local plan would support commercial use for both sites mentioned, as this would encourage employment within Nairn, and help address the problem identified at least in the 1990 s of Nairn serving primarily as a commuter town for Inverness.Hope that helps.Brian

La foto, per quanto di buona qualità, non rende giustizia all'eccellente lavoro di restauro. Ora fa la sua bella figura in taverna come mobile per TV e Hi-Fi. Il calore del legno è altra cosa rispetto ai mobiletti moderni e anche la funzionalità, per alcuni accorgimenti interni, non è da meno.

November 3, 2010That idea of the easy to grow mushroom is pertty cool Anyway, my favorite mushroom dish which I prepare on a weekly basis, almost, as my wife loves it is a porcini risotto. it is quite simple to prepare. You take a cup of dried porcini (if you can find the fresh one, even better, but it is not going to be easy), and you soak them for 1/2 an hour in lukewarm water. In a pan, you heat 1tbs of butter and 1 tbs olive oil, and when it is hot enough you throw in 1 finely chopped onion. When the onion is golden brown, you stir in the mushroom, and you stir them for a few minutes. You then add 1 cup of rice (arborio type) and stir it so that every single grain is toasted, for a few minutes. You then add as many cups of chicken broth as you need to cover the rice, and you let it simmer, without EVER moving it, for 15 minutes. Now and then you will need to add more broth, so that the rice is always covered. After 15 minutes, you add 1/4 cup of red wine, and you start stirring the rice, and make sure the alcohol evaporates. you may need to add more broth if the rice is dry. After 5 minutes, turn the fire off. Only when the fire is off throw in 1 tbs of butter and 1 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese, and stir so that it all melts. Let the risotto rest for five minutes and then serve. Here you go!

wow, awesome article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Bridenstine

wow, awesome article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Bridenstine